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Doctors regrow tissue for breast cancer patients undergoing surgery but this procedure could pose a rare risk because of the risk for infection, the World Health Organization has warned.

"Our hope is that with new techniques, we could potentially one day offer new ways to restore function and possibly even cure cancer itself, said Joanne Brooks, head of the WHO's division for Cancer Research and Treatment.

She said the technique would require a new type of cancer treatment that is known as a "targeted and 바카라 targeted treatment for tumours that have metastasised".

There has been no such treatment in more than a century because doctors did not think of how to find out whether their patient would have to go through the process of chemotherapy, radiation or even surgery, Brooks said.

But it seems to work for some women whose cancers were found to have grown in recent years or in those with some form of polycythemia vera, which is a genetic condition where the cell's outer coat, the protein covering the inner cells, deteriorates.

Currently, the WHO says its team is testing in 14 countries, including India, Brazil, India, Poland, the Netherlands, the US, Australia and Poland, before moving on to the US and possibly Canada.

In a statement, Dr Mark Olfson, president of the American Society of Cancer Research, said: "This was a groundbreaking discovery that suggests for the first time that it's possible to find tumour-free tumours with surgical biopsy."

The researchers plan to apply the technique to breast cancer patients who already have metastatic cancer, in order to try and cure them of the cancer itself, said Dr Andrew DeStefano, from the University of Pennsylvania, who was not involved in the research but who has been critical of the approach to the disease.

He said: "This new technique shows there is still hope for the cancer treatments we currently use to cure breast cancer."

But he said: "It should only be done when absolutely needed because of the possibility of infection."

The treatment is a novel method that could ultimately allow men with breast cancer to have their tumours removed or replaced, and it is important that all women are given the chance to start treatments, he said.

The approach could also provide additional medical options for those who are suffering from breast cancer, as well as preventing it from regressing and spreading and making treatment more successful, DeStefano said.

Cancer research is growing rapidly, with global funding for cancer research reaching £70bn last year and in the UK alone it rose by 7 per cent over that period.

There is now more than 3,800 people in the US on cancer waiting lists, with the first patients to achieve successful cancer surgery i

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