Creative Sound Blaster Jam Review: 50 USD Bluetooth Headphone Looks Cheap But Sounds Good

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id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> Until recently, it was hard to find Bluetooth headphones that sounded decent for less than $100. But that's changing as higher grade chips and components get cheaper.

Case in point: The Creative Sound Blaster Jam, a $50 (£40, AU$70) Bluetooth headphone that's lightweight, relatively comfortable to wear and sounds good, particularly for its modest price.

View full gallery The Sound Blaster Jam's design is basic but endearingly retro. Sarah Tew/CNET True to its budget roots, the Sound Blaster Jam has a pretty no-frills design; in fact, it looks a little like the headphones that came with the Walkman back in the 80s. But there is something endearing about its throwback design.

On the downside, not everybody likes an on-ear design, and the dearth of padding on the top of the headband may bother some. They also don't fold up in any way. And while they seem to sturdy enough, I can't predict how well they'll hold up over time.

That said, they're lightweight and should fit most people pretty well.

As far as features go, there's a pause/play button that doubles as an answer/end button for cell phone calls. The requisite volume controls are on board, and when you hold those buttons down they turn into transport controls, allowing you to advance tracks forward and back. You also get a bass boost button that does just that: boosts the bass a little while sacrificing a little clarity.

Last but not least, there's NFC tap-to-pair technology for devices like the Samsung Galaxy phones that support it. Otherwise, it'll pair with any Bluetooth-enabled phone or audio source (including the iPhone) when you hold down the pairing button.

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