TAG Heuer Covered Its Smartwatch In Real Diamonds

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-text c-gray-1" >If you like your tech on the bling side, we've got good news for you. Watchmaker TAG Heuer has revamped its 18K white gold Connected Modular 45 smartwatch with no less than 589 baguette-sized diamonds -- 23.35 carats' worth in fact -- and it can be yours for a mere $197,000 (�143,000). The watch, which takes the title of most expensive smartwatch in the world, is basically just last year's $1,600 Connected Modular 45 with a makeover. Underneath all the ice is the same Android 2.0 device with the same tech. And while there was surprising demand for the original when it first came out, something tells us that the Full Diamond model won't see quite the same level of sales.

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