3 Things Every Watch Should Avoid At All Cost

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Watches are considered sturdy. Some models are resistant to water, scratch and can last for a few decades. However, taking good care of your watches is part of the necessity. Maintaining and keeping your time pieces at their best condition, fortunately, is not as hard as you think. This article explains top three enemies of every watch, why they are harmful and may affect the overall quality of the watches and http://search.wi.gov/cpp/help/urlstatusgo.html?url=https://medium.com/%40lin13580321369/jam-tangan-pria-dan-jam-tangan-wanita-popular-92bbb8f896fd, search.wi.gov, ways to protect your possessions.

1. Extreme temperatures
Never leave your watches in extremely hot or cold temperature for a prolonged period of time. Too high or too low a temperature may affect the condition of your timepieces. Although some models are designed with extreme temperatures in mind, you want to consult the manual just to be on the safe side. If in doubt, just avoid them. Some of the components may not so be resistant to heat or coldness.

2. Strong magnetism
Inside every watch, precision of the movement depends on many parts. These parts build the mechanism and some of them are made of metals and other components easily affected by strong magnetism. That doesn't mean you can't expose your watch to any magnetic field. In fact, the mechanism might be created in such a way that it is safe for casual effect of magnetism.

It is entirely different thing with strong magnetism though. It may affect your watch in such an unpredictable manner. For instance, in some cases, watches may run faster or slower than usual. Besides accuracy, in many cases the watches may stop functioning altogether.

3. Harsh chemicals
Avoid wearing any timepiece when working with harsh chemicals like acids and alkaline. They are enemies of your fine timepieces. Even simple chemicals may slowly degrade the finishing of the watch. In many cases, it will cause discoloration. Some of the common chemicals that you should avoid include, but not limited to, detergents and hairsprays. In most cases, it is impossible to avoid all chemicals, just be very careful especially with things that may harm your fine watches.

In conclusions, taking care of your watches is not as hard as you think. A watch will let you enjoy its fineness for very long time if you know what to avoid. In some cases, the situation can be hard and unpredictable but with those things above in mind, you will increase its life tremendously.

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