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Horticulture innovation australia seeks future trade projects for medicinal marijuana


A medicinal marijuana farmer in WA is celebrating after a court gave them more certainty about an opportunity to start a farm.

Cary Newman, a father-of-three from Narre Warren, wanted to be able to grow medicinal cannabis from seeds but had difficulty selling them because the laws in Australia had not changed and 바카라 he was still legally prohibited from doing so.

Mr Newman became fascinated with cannabis in the 1970s after the publication of his father's memoir, Growing Up With A Mother With A Medical Issue, and used to smoke a joint and look at it to keep track of how much he ate.

He got involved with medical research after receiving a referral from former WA medical cannabis expert Dr Robert Hill.

'I think it's a wonderful thing to do'

He moved to Tasmania to help establish the first community clinic for medicinal marijuana patients in 2000.

The clinic now provides 24 hour access to medicinal marijuana, and runs around a dozen programs, including the first in Australia which is an early childhood program run by community partners.

Mr Newman used to live a life of being an alcoholic, but says the benefits of medicinal cannabis has transformed his life, in particular when he goes through withdrawals from alcohol.

"Nowadays, my brain is much better, but I still get out of my head a lot when I have a hangover or a bit of a depression," he said.

"I still have to work out what to do in a stressful environment. Cannabis has been helping me out a lot.

"Cannabinoids in food have helped relieve some of the symptoms I get from my condition, like my skin rashes a little bit when I eat alcohol.

"So the effects are less acute but they're the same as a hangover, which is something I worry about when I'm out of work, so for me it has been a great thing.

"A bit of pain relieving and some of those positive side effects that I find in cannabis will definitely help me get back into a normal life.

"I wouldn't say I wouldn't have a bit of trouble, I wouldn't have to go through that much further, but I can also use the time to relax with a bit more energy, which I'm trying to get into."

In the past Mr Newman hasn't been able to sell his seeds legally because he is not a health authority and couldn't make arrangements to do so, but Mr Newman said in the past two years his father's medicinal cannabis has helped him build a farm and now has a growing operation with around 60 to 70 head of cattle in his own land.

He said his focus was on growing medical cannabi

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